GHI Global Advisory Partners EAF, S.L. (“GHI”) has a Customer Service Department whose mission is to deal with complaints and claims made by its clients in the field of protection for users of the financial services that this investment services company is authorised to provide. 

GHI is legally obliged to address and resolve the complaints made to its Customer Service Department within a maximum period of one month, in the event that the claimant is a consumer, and two months if he/she is not, from the time of receipt of the written complaint or claim together, where appropriate, with the corresponding documentary evidence at the Customer Care Service. 

Regulations for the Defense of the Customer: 

The Customer Protection Regulations are available in full at the registered office of GHI and can also be downloaded by clicking on the following link: SAC 

Customer Service Department: 

GHI has delegated the functions of the Customer Service Department to SAENZ DE VALLUERCA Y ASOCIADOS S.L. 

Plaza Castilla, 3, 27 28046 MADRID